Sunday, August 21, 2011

Slacking Off

So I am not a very good blogger, but I am going to try my best to keep you all up to date with everything that is going on in our lives!  The last year has gone by way too fast to even believe that it's almost been 2 years since I last blogged!  There have been lots of things happen in the last year or 2 to tell you about!  We had Parker in May 2010, traveled everywhere, had injuries, I started selling Tupperware, and Kody has been working on the Burns Hat Shop!

I started selling Tupperware in November 2010, and have been promoted to Manager.  The last year with Tupperware have been amazing.  I have met lots of new people, seen some great things, and am days away from experiencing Disneyland for my very first time!!!!!  Kinda sad I know, but I am glad that Tupperware is giving me that opportunity!

Kody has been really busy with Burns Saddlery!  He goes to different shows in Las Vegas, Reno, and Salt Lake.  This year Kody was able to enter a Hat Making Competition in Loveland, Colorado.  In June we went out there for 5 days.  It was awesome because I haven't been there for 13 years, and the Colorado Rockies (my team) were playing the San Diego Padres (Kody's team).  My Rockies beat the Padres, so it was good for me, but on the other hand I got fried to a crisp!!!  In July Kody went to 3 rodeos over the 4th weekend.  The last of the 3 we were in Tooele.  Kody got off his horse to steer wrestle, and his knee popped bad!  He tore is ACL completely apart (there was no sign of an ACL on the MRI) and tore his Lateral Meniscus.  He went into surgery on August 2, and we are now on the road to recovery!

Parker is growing like a weed as all kids do.  Still isn't walking yet, but I am hoping soon he will be!  He loves to listen to music while driving in the Truck, and headbang to all the songs that come on!  He says little words like rodeo, hi, owee, and his favorite is DAD!  He still hasn't quite got the Mom down yet.  Both Kody and I are dad!  HAHA :)

I am hoping I will stay up on what is going on in our lives, so please stop by to see what we are up to!!!  Thanks for reading!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


I know it has been a few months since I have blogged, so I will catch you up on what has been going on. First and foremost, Kody and I are going to have a baby boy in May. I am due on the 23rd, and just can't hardly stand it. We are so excited to have a baby, we just don't know what to do with ourselves. Next, we are trying to move back to Richfield for a while so I can have family and friends help out with the baby once I have him. Currently, I am living in St. George and working still, and Kody is living in Central with his parents until I can get up there and find something. Unfortunately, Kody's Grandpa Dean passed away after Thanksgiving. He will be greatly missed, and in our hearts forever! RIP Grandpa Dean... We also found out that Kody's sister is also pregnant, and she is going to have a baby in June. We aren't sure what she is having yet, but they are hoping for a girl this time. She has 2 boys right now, and so we are all hoping for a girl!!! As for Kody...he has been busy with his leather-work. If you didn't know, Kody custom makes things out of leather. He makes belts, headstalls, breast collars, gun straps, anything you can think of really. If you are interested in what he does, go check out his website. and it has all the things he has done on there!! Well, that about catches you up on our lives, so I hope you have all enjoyed it! I will try my best at keeping this current and up to date, but I won't make any promises, cause I am not very good as you can already tell!! HOPE YOU ALL HAD A GREAT CHRISTMAS, AND WISH YOU ALL A VERY HEALTHY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Makeover Night with Kayla

Tonight my sister and I played with make-up, and hair. Well I played with hers, and then I did mine and we took pictures. We were having so much fun. It started by just doing her hair, then I decided I was bored and so I did her make-up too. I started applying the mascara to her eyelashes, and oh my gosh does she have the longest eyelashes ever! My mom and I are so jealous of her. I then did the eye shadow, blush, and then some lipstick. Here is the outcome of some of her pictures!
Just keep in mind that she is 10 years old!! I thought I did an amazing job on her hair and make-up. After we took Kayla's pictures, I took some pictures of me. My hair and make-up isn't as good as Kayla's, but we can pretend! We were trying to convince my mom to let me do her make-up, but she was too tired, so I will try again tomorrow to see if we can get some on here of her!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Frogs and more!

So, I know that it has been a really, really long time since I have blogged. I am really sorry about that. There are so many things that have been going on. Kody and I went to the Lady Antebellum concert on July 22, and we had a blast. I do have pictures from the concert, but they wouldn't post. So, when I figure it out, I will get them posted on here for you. (I think my pictures are too big to fit on here) Over the 24th of July I didn't do much. Kody was in Panguitch at a High School rodeo with his little brother, Kade. On the 25th, Kody and his 2 sisters, Kandace and Kascee, were entered into the Enterprise Rodeo. That is the most fun rodeo I have been to in a long time! Kandace ran the barrels, and she roped. She hasn't roped in like 6 years, and she caught the calf in 6 seconds. Kascee on the other hand, has roped a lot in the last 6 years, and she missed her calf. Needless to say, Kascee was a little upset at Kandace! Kody was entered in the Calf Roping, and the Team Roping. He missed his calf in the Calf Roping, and in the Team Roping, he missed the steer. It just wasn't a good night for Kody and rodeo! Then on Monday the 26th morning a 3:00AM, I couldn't sleep. So, I went downstairs and started doing the dishes, (to maybe make myself tired) well out of the corner of my eye, I saw something by the fridge. So I turned to take a better look at it, and then then thing jumped towards me...yeah it was a FROG! I freaked out a little bit (okay a lot) and ran upstairs. Jumped on Kody to wake him up. I scared him, and he finally woke up completely. I had him come down stairs to catch it, or do something with it. Keep in mind that everywhere I went this frog followed me! So, when I peeked over the bar, it came jumping right for me. Then it jumped over towards the pantry. We have a back pourch by the fridge, and Kody opened the back door and the stupid thing took off out the door. (I guess I could have done that, but that frog followed me everywhere I went. No matter where I was, he was right there.) I did finish the dishes that morning, and was awake for like 2 hours after that. Once I finally fell asleep and got into that really great deep was time to wake up! :( So as you can tell it has been very eventful this last couple of months. I will try my best to keep up on this. I am probably the worst blogger...I promise to do better! So, for now I will blog at you later!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tent Sale & Ed Hardy

On May 8-9 our office had a Tent Sale. We had 5 different vendors come down and help us with the big event. The most exciting part about it was that we are introducing the "Ed Hardy" line of sunglasses and ophthalmics (regular frames) to our office. So since we were introducing this line, all the girls decided to get an Ed Hardy shirt and wear for the occasion.

Starting from left to right: Anita, Suzanne, Me, Barri, Jen (and baby), and Splendor

These are the incredible girls that I work with every day. Yes, I am the tallest one there. I am even taller than the doctors. It is really bad when I wear high heels and then I have to go talk to them, I just tower over them, and it is just a little weird....HAHA Anyways, that is all I have for now.

My wonderful mom just gave Kody and I a camera, so we should have some more pictures on here. So thank you very much mom, we love you lots!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sorry it's been so long!

Sorry that I haven't blogged in a while. I have been really busy lately with getting our lives in order after getting married and the ever-so-needed Honeymoon! Now that we have sort of figured things out and are back to real life, maybe you will get more blogs out of me. Currently in our lives, Kody and I are trying to buy a truck. I do have a car for sale, so if there is anyone you know that wants a very good economical car, let me know! That is about all I have for now, so hopefully it won't be so long!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I think I am going to go private!

Sorry all, I am going to set my profile as private, so if you would like to be invited just let me know. I will invite you to see what is going on.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bridal Shower

Today was my bridal shower that Kody's sisters Kandace and Kallie put on for me. We played a couple of different games. The first one, everyone had to answer questions about Kody, then I had to answer them. I missed 7 questions. So each answer I got wrong I had to put a piece of Double Bubble in my mouth. So I had 7 pieces of gum in my mouth. These weren't the regular flavor, they were all different flavors mixed together. I had an interesting combination going on there. Once that was finished Kandace asked them the same questions, but they had to answer them about me. So then I answered them and whoever got the most right won a candle. Of course the moms got the most right! Then I opened all the gifts that they brought. Thank you again to everyone for all the great gifts.
When I was finished doing that they took all the wrapping paper and made me a beautiful wedding dress! Here are some pictures from that!
So here is the outcome of the "Wedding Dress" There was a long train on the back of it too.
After I was "dressed" I had to walk the streets of Joseph. Just keep in mind that there are like no people in Joseph. I was supposed to wave a people. So, I was able to see the mailman. He was about the only one. So I didn't get to wave at very many people.
I had a really great time, and loved every minute of it. Thank you again for everyone that was there and thank you to Kandace and Kallie for putting this on for me!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Yes I know, I am a little late bloomer in the Twilight craze. I read the first 2 books this summer and I haven't finished the other 2. I know, I know...I have heard all about it from my co-worker, Anita. She is crazy about Edward (as we all are) and the whole Twilight series. So anyways, I watched the movie for the first time tonight for my birthday outing. The girls that I work with all took me to the movie. I loved ever minute of it. Now that I have seen it I want to start reading the 3rd and 4th books. Don't you worry, I will be caught up in no time...well maybe a little while because I have the wedding that will take place first. So I just want to say thank you to all the girls that I work with for taking me to the movie tonight, and we will have to go sometime soon! (Like tomorrow ;) maybe??)

Monday, February 9, 2009

One Busy Weekend

While we were in Richfield this weekend we did lots of wedding planning. I was able to spend all day Saturday going around town and getting things done. I finally was able to order Kody's ring, and we might be pushing the limit with getting it here on time. The most time it would take is about 4 weeks, and the wedding is in 5. So talk about last minute!!! After that, we were able to spend the whole day with Kody's nephew, Quade. He was the best kid ever for us.
After running around town with us all day, we took him out to Winger's for dinner. Everyone that we saw thought that he was my little boy. I went along with it when there were older people asking me about him, but the other people that I knew I was like no way, he is Kody's nephew! So, thank you Kandace for letting us take your son all day long!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Wedding Planning

So I am new at this whole blogging thing, so bear with me. Today Kody and I drove to Richfield to get some more Wedding Planning done. Yes it is true, if you haven't already heard I am getting married in March. We are planning on getting my dress fitted this weekend. Kody's mom is making the dress for me! I would show you all some pictures, but I can't let Kody see it. As soon as the wedding is over I will post some pictures on here (if I can figure out how) so everyone can see. Kody is sitting here telling me that I have to put down how good he looked today, so today Kody looked good today. HAHA, he wore a black button up shirt with the nice and tight cowboy pants! MM Good!! ;)