Sunday, January 3, 2010


I know it has been a few months since I have blogged, so I will catch you up on what has been going on. First and foremost, Kody and I are going to have a baby boy in May. I am due on the 23rd, and just can't hardly stand it. We are so excited to have a baby, we just don't know what to do with ourselves. Next, we are trying to move back to Richfield for a while so I can have family and friends help out with the baby once I have him. Currently, I am living in St. George and working still, and Kody is living in Central with his parents until I can get up there and find something. Unfortunately, Kody's Grandpa Dean passed away after Thanksgiving. He will be greatly missed, and in our hearts forever! RIP Grandpa Dean... We also found out that Kody's sister is also pregnant, and she is going to have a baby in June. We aren't sure what she is having yet, but they are hoping for a girl this time. She has 2 boys right now, and so we are all hoping for a girl!!! As for Kody...he has been busy with his leather-work. If you didn't know, Kody custom makes things out of leather. He makes belts, headstalls, breast collars, gun straps, anything you can think of really. If you are interested in what he does, go check out his website. and it has all the things he has done on there!! Well, that about catches you up on our lives, so I hope you have all enjoyed it! I will try my best at keeping this current and up to date, but I won't make any promises, cause I am not very good as you can already tell!! HOPE YOU ALL HAD A GREAT CHRISTMAS, AND WISH YOU ALL A VERY HEALTHY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!


  1. I'm glad you finally blogged. I was starting to think that everyone was quitting on me!! lol I like your pic of you and Kody! very Cute!!! I really hope you can get moved down here soon!!

  2. I am hoping it will be soon!!! I am crossing my fingers on a Secretary job, so keep your fingers crossed too please!!!