Friday, August 14, 2009

Makeover Night with Kayla

Tonight my sister and I played with make-up, and hair. Well I played with hers, and then I did mine and we took pictures. We were having so much fun. It started by just doing her hair, then I decided I was bored and so I did her make-up too. I started applying the mascara to her eyelashes, and oh my gosh does she have the longest eyelashes ever! My mom and I are so jealous of her. I then did the eye shadow, blush, and then some lipstick. Here is the outcome of some of her pictures!
Just keep in mind that she is 10 years old!! I thought I did an amazing job on her hair and make-up. After we took Kayla's pictures, I took some pictures of me. My hair and make-up isn't as good as Kayla's, but we can pretend! We were trying to convince my mom to let me do her make-up, but she was too tired, so I will try again tomorrow to see if we can get some on here of her!!

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