Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tent Sale & Ed Hardy

On May 8-9 our office had a Tent Sale. We had 5 different vendors come down and help us with the big event. The most exciting part about it was that we are introducing the "Ed Hardy" line of sunglasses and ophthalmics (regular frames) to our office. So since we were introducing this line, all the girls decided to get an Ed Hardy shirt and wear for the occasion.

Starting from left to right: Anita, Suzanne, Me, Barri, Jen (and baby), and Splendor

These are the incredible girls that I work with every day. Yes, I am the tallest one there. I am even taller than the doctors. It is really bad when I wear high heels and then I have to go talk to them, I just tower over them, and it is just a little weird....HAHA Anyways, that is all I have for now.

My wonderful mom just gave Kody and I a camera, so we should have some more pictures on here. So thank you very much mom, we love you lots!!

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