Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bridal Shower

Today was my bridal shower that Kody's sisters Kandace and Kallie put on for me. We played a couple of different games. The first one, everyone had to answer questions about Kody, then I had to answer them. I missed 7 questions. So each answer I got wrong I had to put a piece of Double Bubble in my mouth. So I had 7 pieces of gum in my mouth. These weren't the regular flavor, they were all different flavors mixed together. I had an interesting combination going on there. Once that was finished Kandace asked them the same questions, but they had to answer them about me. So then I answered them and whoever got the most right won a candle. Of course the moms got the most right! Then I opened all the gifts that they brought. Thank you again to everyone for all the great gifts.
When I was finished doing that they took all the wrapping paper and made me a beautiful wedding dress! Here are some pictures from that!
So here is the outcome of the "Wedding Dress" There was a long train on the back of it too.
After I was "dressed" I had to walk the streets of Joseph. Just keep in mind that there are like no people in Joseph. I was supposed to wave a people. So, I was able to see the mailman. He was about the only one. So I didn't get to wave at very many people.
I had a really great time, and loved every minute of it. Thank you again for everyone that was there and thank you to Kandace and Kallie for putting this on for me!!

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